I often explore the act of sampling and resampling in my music, and in this case in a program that captures the 'original material' live from your webcam, and allows for new images to be generated by remixing and layering the image feed.
My previous portfolio landing page was this sketch, which generates randomized colors and bezier curves on a circular canvas. The image is inverted in intervals, which is a neat way to keep drawing on top of old shapes.
An early version of the 'random bezier' sketch.
This sketch is getting random colors and points on a canvas for drawing abstract shapes. I like the idea of having just one image generate every image, as an opposite to the hectic pace of the Internet. But the people I showed the sketch to pressured me to add a generate button as well. Try it yourself:
This sketch is inspired by how algorithms view humans - as data points. It's un-personal and faceless, represented as red noise. However, one pixel is much larger: you. You spend more time thinking about yourself than the other "data points" or humans around you. You know yourself rather well, and the complex thoughts, wishes and ideas you have. When you look at another person you can imagine that they too view themselves as an important part of this world. This sort of empathy is something that the algorithms lack, and we should be careful about turning people into numbers.
A simple study of motion and color.
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